Welcome to the Tclads project home page

Tclads is a simple, extensible banner rotation system, written mostly in Tcl (a tiny bit of C code is used for password encryption).

The first version of this package is a translation of the Universal Banner Rotation System. I found the Universal Banner Rotation System on Source Forge and it looked like just what I needed. Unfortunately, the UBRSys is lacking some facilities and the Perl code it is written in was somewhat of a mess. I originally wanted to help clean things up and add in some "hooks", but never received any sort of reply from the project manager. So, I translated the Perl code to Tcl, and did a bit of cleaning up. I am presently working on the base documentation and will be releasing an Alpha version shortly.

The first alpha release is now available here. This project is also looking for some People to help out.

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